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Video Making Competition

Open for Everyone
Prizes Worth

Deadline for Video Submission
March 19, 2023
11:59 PM

Theme :

Aliens have landed on the Moon and are waiting to meet Earth's representative. Can you introduce our planet in a compelling way that ensures they see us as friends, not foes? Get ready to showcase your creativity and imagination as you welcome extraterrestrial life to our world!

Guidelines and Rules:

1.Video length :The length of the video should be between 2 minutes and 3 minutes. Any videos that exceed this time limit will not be considered.
2.Video Quality :The minimum resolution of the video should be 1920*1080 pixels and orientation should be Landscape.
3.Content :Video can contain real footages, animation, infographics etc. The voiceover should be very clear and easily audible. (Tip: Use Descript, or any similar voice recording & repairing platform)
4.Face time :At least 20 seconds of the video should show the participant's face, as they introduce themselves and the Earth to the Aliens.
5.Originality :Participants are encouraged to be creative and original in their interpretation of the theme, and to use their own unique style and perspective to create their videos.
6.Submission format :Videos should be submitted in a digital format, such as MP4 or AVI.
7.Rights :By submitting a video, participants agree to allow the competition organizers to use their video for promotional purposes.


1. We will take Video Submissions till 19th of March, midnight.
2. On 20th of March, all the selected videos will be posted on Spartificial Official YouTube Channel.
3. Participants will have 7 Days' time to share their videos and increase the reach of their video.
4. Scores: 1 Like - 2 Points, 1 View - 1 Point.
5. Top 3 Winners will be announced on 27th of March based on the number of Likes and Views on the videos and Judges' Scores. (Judges' score may add up to 50 likes or 100 views worth of points)


1. INR 20,000/- worth of prizes for Top 3 Winners.
2. Certificates for all the Participants and Winners.
3. The final selected videos will stay on Spartificial's Official YouTube Channel forever.
4. Chance to join the Spartificial Creative Team as Intern or Full-time.

Other Informations:

1. Deadline for Submission: March 19th, 2023, 11:59 PM
2. Contact us at +91 6205199561 or for queries.

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