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Spartificial is a platform started in April 2021 for Engineering and Science students to learn and work on projects that are solving urgent problems in real world. It is important for a student to learn with an intention for overall technical, social and mental development. We are fan of Project-based learning because that's what life is and in our professional life, our adult life, we are not judged by our test scores or grades but the quality of our character and the quality of our work.


Our mission is to provide education in the most engaging way. We think that attaching a critical problem statement to the academic projects force students and mentors for finding better solutions. By thinking this way, we guide ourselves to find the most urgent issues people in our world are facing and breakdown those issue in different problem statements.

Along with solving the problems, our mission is to provide in-depth and continuous guidance to our students for their technical, social and mental development.


Our clear mission and values enable us to attract bright minds who are as dedicated as ourselves towards our mission. Our team comprises of Leaders, Hardworking Engineers, Developers and most importantly, passionate Instructors whose aim is just to provide education in the best way possible.

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